Dynadisc Filter

Intelligent design – efficient filtration
The DynaDisc filter, consisting of multiple filter discs constructed from modular demountable cassettes attached to a revolving inlet drum, maximises the filtration area in an industry leading compact footprint. Available in two disc sizes, 1.9m or 2.4m diameter, providing up 197m2 net filter area per DynaDisc with up to 35 discs. Woven filter media, with filter openings down to 10 microns, is bonded to the one-piece modular cassette ensuring optimum uniform media tension maximising filter media life and minimising the number of sealing joint interfaces. A proven design providing you with high efficiency filtration and high flow rates within the minimum of space.

Advantages of the DynaDisc
Patented filter cassette:
• industry leading fewer parts per disc– the DynaDisc has 8 or 10 cassettes per disc for quick replacement and less weight.
• Filter cloth fastened directly to the cassette body – reduces the seal length to a minimum.
• Low weight – allows you to install up to 35 x 2.4 m diameter discs in one DynaDisc unit, providing you with up to 197 m2 effective filter area.
• Strong cassette body – allows high tension on the filter media, prolonging its service life.
• sizing and loading rates based on effective filter area (actual area) rather than theoretical.

The unique level tank:
• Integrated level tank maximises the filtrate outlet weir length optimises headloss across the filter media and reduces surge flow at different influent flowrates.
• The filtrate in the level tank is used for the backwash, reduces the risk of biological flocks and blockage from external debris compared to when the backwash water is drawn from a much larger concrete tank.
• The waste chemical solution from cleaning the filter media is contained within the level tank, providing a more efficient chemical cleaning procedure.

Compact overflow and bypass design:
• internal and external bypass options
• space saving modular bypass weir design for maximum flow in the minimum of space.

Optimised backwash system
• protected backwash pump inlet
• oscillating backwash nozzles minimises water and power use

Two versions – one method
The DynaDisc as available as a freestanding unit with the filter discs contained within a stainless steel tank or as a frame version for installation in concrete basins. No matter which one you choose, you get the same industry leading intelligent design.