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NCS Dewatering & Transportation


NCS Channel Sieve XS is a compact and simple solution for screenings separation and handling at a waste water treatment plant or an Industry. NCS Channel Sieve combines separation, washing and pressing in one unit. The screenings are shredded into pieces at the discharge in order to eliminate large compact screenings that can cause problems at incineration.


The NCS X Press is a reinforced X Conveyor with a compaction and dewatering unit at the discharge end. Between the dewatering zone and the back pressure doors, there is a press zone where a plug is formed. Transportation and dewatering in one compact, affordable unit.


Incoming slurry is led through the inlet into the sedimentation tank, where a continuous sedimentation process takes place. Water overflows through the outlet while sand falls to the bottom, where it is conveyed and dewatered by the spiral conveyor.


X conveyors from NCS are designed for increased efficiency, flexibility, ease of installation, maximized reliability and simplified maintenance. A number of design innovations that result in one thing: cost efficiency. NCS X Conveyor is a conveyor system capable of transporting numerous materials such as dewatered sludge, pulp, garbage, woodchips, pellet fuel, slaughterhouse refuse etc.